UniFlame Outdoor Propane Fire Pit

Uniflame Marble Outdoor Propane Fire PitUniFlame Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Review

I have owned the Uniflame Marble Outdoor Propane Fire Pit for a couple of years now and it has sat on my back patio the whole time. I make sure to keep it covered when we’re not using it, but it has been exposed to the elements frequently. I haven’t babied it, but I also haven’t abused it and I have had no tile problems whatsoever. When the Outdoor Propane Fire Pit arrived, I initally sprayed the spark cover with a heat resistant spray paint. The same type you would use on a BBQ grill. That has done a great job of keeping the rust off. I have repainted it once in the last two years.

I had read that some buyers had problems with metal parts being bent when they received their fire pit, but mine arrived in excellent shape. I have been impressed with the overall solid construction as well. One thing about Uniflame Marble Outdoor Propane Fire Pit that caught my attention was its ability to function as a coffee table when not being used for fires. If you are handy with wood, you could actually cut out a center circle and have a really nice looking coffee table in lieu of the fire pit. It really is a nice looking pit and we get compliments from our friends all the time.

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I am a fairly regular shopper at Lowes and Home Depot and I have never seen an Outdoor Propane Fire Pit that looks this nice or of this quality in either one. It is larger than most pits you’ll find so I would advise ordering a cover with it so that you know it fits. All in all, it is a very nice backyard accent for a reasonable $200. I have been very satisfied with this fire pit and recommend it to anyone who loves the idea of an outdoor fireplace or campfire without having to go to the woods.

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